The CCCIT (Center for Clinical Cancer and Immunology Trials) coordinates and conducts all clinical trials of hematological and oncological diseases for the department of internal medicine III of the Salzburg Federal Hospital. Since its foundation, more than 10 years ago, the CCCIT has been established as an international renowned center for clinical trials with about 8.800 patients participating.


Current Studies

Studies at the department of internal medicine III in the Salzburg Federal Hospital

The medical study activities of the CCCIT are established in the international top league of clinical cancer research. Thus, we are able to offer adjusted therapies to our patients, depending on their individual disease situation. More

ISO certification

We met the challenge of the ISO 9001:2015. Our quality management system has been certified through Quality Austria on the 05.10.2017. Renewal audit for ISO Revision 9001:2015 done by Quality Austria on 05.10.2017.

qualityaustria system certified

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  • Why are clinical trials so important?


    • Only 2-4% of all cancer patients worldwide are taking part in a clinical trial
    • 82% of all clinical trials in the USA are only conducted in cancer centers, where the patients have the highest survival rates
    • The participation in clinical trials fluctuates among Canadian Cancer Care centers by about 10 times.
    • Studies are almost exclusively conducted in Cancer centers located in bigger cities
    • Many studies in the USA and in the OECD have evidenced, that the availability of new drugs has a substantial impact on the survival rate of cancer patients
    • A fast access to these new drugs is essential
    • The participation in a clinical trial enables the earliest possible access to the newest drugs, which are increasingly effective.