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Clinical Trials Lead Manager: Mag. Michaela Schachner

The medical study activities of the CCCIT are established in the international top league of clinical cancer research. Thus, we are able to offer adjusted therapies to our patients, depending on their individual disease situation.

Our patients have the earliest possible access to the latest cancer therapies which might only receive final approval and standard therapy status in a few years.

There is an ongoing focus on “Phase 1“ studies. Patients, for whom all existing standard therapies have been exploited, will be offered further, intensely monitored therapy options within “Phase 1“ studies.

The participation to these clinical trials is based solely on a voluntary decision and requires upfront an extensive consent discussion. The patient will be given reasonable time to consider their possible participation in the clinical study and to discuss any open questions with the treating physician.

Only after the required consent form has been signed by the patient and submitted, study-related examinations and subsequently the according therapy will begin.

Our highest priority is our patients, their safety and well-being, values anchored as such also in the Mission Statement of the Universitätsklinik für Innere Medizin III.

From the consent discussion until the start of the therapy

The detailed consent discussion takes place with the doctor and the consent form is filled out by the patient

Examinations are conducted and samples are collected and processed, in compliance with the study guidelines

Worldwide samples are collected by the reference laboratory

Distribution of study drug after fulfilling all inclusion and exclusion criteria of the study

Start of the therapy

Manual data entry of all collected patient information into an online database

„…On one hand, I was curious about the trial, on the other hand, my aim was that other patients may also benefit from it.“

Statement from a study volunteer

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